Jack Marshall 5, from Devon takes time out of his busy schedule
to pick out his favourite items and talk about his life and loves.


Hi Jack, thanks for meeting with us today, how are you?
Good thanks.

Tell us about your favourite items?
I like the rainbow ski t-shirt, my rugby hoodie and tracky bums.

2043_H2bk_medium    blue sweatpants   2232_T7test_medium

They are warm and comfy. I hate scratchy clothes on my neck, these are soft. I like the pictures and the colours. I wear my rugby hoodie at rugby training on Fridays.

Which one is your favourite?
The ski man t-shirt because it’s epic and he is skiing really fast.

Have you ever been skiing?
Not yet.

Tell us a little about you?
I’m 5. I can run really fast.

Where do you live?
In Devon

Do you like sports?
Yes they’re epic! I like football and rugby.

Who is your hero?
Lionel Messi.

Would you like to say anything else?
No thanks.

Bye Jack.

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