After our successful soft launch in September 2014, we’re pleased to announce our first full range of clothes for Summer 2015. This includes retro tees, mini shorts, shorts, polo dresses and polo shirts, sweatshirts and skorts, for kids aged three to ten.

We took inspiration for the range where we found it. So you’ll see a dash of Americana with 70s inspired tees, you’ll see echoes of the Cornish surf scene in our long shorts, and you’ll see a smattering of updated classics such as vintage-look long sleeved tees. They’re all designed to look great, feel soft and comfortable, and stand up to the roughest play and repeated washing.

Most importantly, though, our clothes are designed to let kids just be themselves. Whoever they are, whatever they do and however they choose to be. Our mission when we design for them is always simply, just be.


All our clothes are made from supersoft , 100% durable jersey cotton. Prices range from £16 for a tee to £28 for a polo dress. They are available exclusively online from www.stberts.com

About Us 


My husband,  Ben Godwin and I  (Sarah Godwin)  founded St Bert’s in early 2014.

A couple of years ago, we noticed that our kids lived in sweats and tees when they weren’t at school. Whether they were running around the garden, playing bat and ball on holiday or just lounging around the house, they were happiest in cool, comfortable cotton clothing.

We often struggled to find clothes that we liked and they liked. We were after classic looks that wouldn’t date, that would stand up to the punishment kids throw at them, and that were unisex enough be passed along from girls to boys. After a while, we spotted a gap in the market.  IMG_9134

I’d been running a legal recruitment firm since 2003 and Ben worked in the city – so we thought that setting up a kids’ clothing company would  be child’s play. We were wrong. We spent a year and a lot of money we didn’t have, learning just how difficult it was. We learned about suppliers, we learned about design, we learned about durability and we learned about branding. And, most of all, we learned just how hard it is to find the perfect jersey cotton that takes a battering and survives .

It was a long journey, but we’ve finally got there now. We’re running a family business. We’ve worked out that he’s the meticulous one who’ll spend months ensuring the zips are just right and I’m the one who throws caution to the wind and needs reining in. Best of all, our customers seem to be happy – because we’re making classic clothes that their kids love.

4 thoughts on “OUR STORY

  1. Spot On! Love all our St bert’s gear especially with having a big sis who can now pass her gorgeous hoodies and joggers on to little bro! Nice work Ben and Sarah, hope you are reaping the rewards xxx

  2. A great brand story guys. Looking forward to our daughter being old enough to wear your super cool clothes. Keep showing those big labels how it’s done!

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