Launched in September 2014, we’re pleased to announce our new collection for autumn winter 2015. The collection includes Sweatpants, Long and Short sleeved Tees, Shorts and Sherpa Hoodies for kids aged three to twelve.

We took inspiration for the range where we found it. So you’ll see a dash of Americana with 70’s inspired tees, you’ll see echoes of the Cornish surf scene in our long shorts, and you’ll see a smattering of updated classics such as vintage-look long sleeved ski tees. They’re all designed to look great, feel soft and comfortable, and stand up to the roughest play and repeated washing. All our clothes are made from super soft, 100% durable jersey cotton.  Luxuriously soft yet hard wearing, the ultimate in cool comfort for kids.

Some of the collection is designed to be worn year round as we like the evergreen philosophy.  Our kids still wear shorts when it’s cold and love hoodies in summer. We’ve done away with gender stereotypes by removing the girl and boy categories on the website. You can freestyle it, every colour is for everyone.

Most importantly, our clothes are designed to let kids just be themselves. Whoever they are, whatever they do and however they choose to be. Our mission when we design for them is always simply, just be.

They are available exclusively online from tomorrow

We hope you like it.

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